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Class Registrar Training Program

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  • Comprehensive Training Database
  • Easy to Use Student Management Core
  • Quickly Enroll Students or Groups
  • One Step Posting of Attendance and Grades
  • Design and Print Custom Certificates
  • Create Membership Programs For Clients
  • Track and Report Training Histories
  • Optional Modules Include Financial Billing and Online Registration

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Schedule Management

Schedule Classes

  • Quick Class Scheduling with a Variety of Linked Rosters
  • Conflict Checking by Instructor, Location and Student
  • Default Pricing and Class Size for Easy Setup
  • Calendars Color Coded to View Schedules by Location and Instructor
  • Additional Layouts by Day, Week, Month and Schedule Grids
  • Versatile Reports to Manage Class Size, Staff Assignments, Historical Statistics

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Tracking Employee Training

Track Tracking

  • Monitor Students' Training Records from Start to Finish
  • Quickly View Attendance, Grades and Certifications
  • Track Students' Curriculum Progress
  • Report Expired Certifications
  • Save Survey Data by Course, Class, Location and Instructor
  • Review Activity for Students by Company or Department

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Manage Billing

Manage Billing

  • Print Invoices and Payment Details for Single Students or Grouped Billings
  • Manage Customers' Accounts, Monitor Outstanding A/R Balances
  • Review Daily Activity with Full General Ledger and Batch Reporting
  • Easily Evaluate the Profitability of Your Classes
  • Export Financial Data - Debit/Credit Balanced
  • Define Security Levels by Staff Group

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Register Online Test Area

Register Online

  • Students and Sponsors Enroll Online Via Your Website
  • Registration Pages Skinned to Match Your Web Design
  • All Calendars, Classes and Students Automatically Synchronized - No Double Entry
  • Daily Management of Activity and Setup within Class Registrar screens
  • Full Listing of Courses with Descriptions, Groups and Class Calendars
  • Purchases by Credit Card or Customer Terms with Integrated Shopping Cart

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More Features

  • New! Hosted Program Option
  • Custom Certificates
  • Broadcast Emails for Reminders and Promotions
  • Student Pictures and Client Logos
  • Document Storage
  • Exportable State Reports
  • Marketing Reports to Track Advertising, Enrollment Methods and Favorites

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Why settle for a Slice when you can have the Whole Orange?


Finally! A classroom management software program that is easy to use and effective.

Class Registrar is a comprehensive training tracking program designed to assist schools and organizations that provide student or employee training. Our training management software will help you manage curricula, courses and scheduled classes from initial enrollments through attendance posting, printing of certificates, management reporting, and even billing and collections if needed. Class Registrar is a proven education tracking software for companies providing outside education to others, doing in-house employee training, or for compliance management with ISO, OSHA and FAA requirements.

Working with a training administration program that includes class scheduling, student management and related services all in one place provides immediate savings of staff time. When you add the ability to print certificates, write letters, manage membership renewals and course expirations in the same program, now you're saving money, too.

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