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Our own demo area of classes is yours to walk through. Select a class, save it to your calendar, pay with credit card at the checkout screen (use a fake credit card number). Your receipt will be sent via email.

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Manage Billing with Less Paper for More Efficiency

Centralized data entry makes duplication a thing of the past. If you're entering your students names on a spreadsheet, entering them again in a certificate builder, and entering them a third time on an invoice, let Class Registrar save you time immediately. With the student information setup in one screen, it's a quick link into a class and automatically retrieved in all of the related certificates, invoices and activity reports. Why wait? Start saving time today!

Save Money

  • Track your companies or departments, students, instructors and scheduling all in one program.
  • Print your own invoices and certificates in that same program.
  • Monitor your students' and instructors' certifications in that same program.
  • Market your upcoming courses and special events. Keep your customers up-to-date with their expirations - you guessed it - with that same program Class Registrar!



Invoices are available by class or individual student enrollments and can be posted with a button press right from the enrollment screen. Grouped billing, classroom rentals, even ad hoc instructor hours and product sales can be billed with the Financial Module.

Payment Receipting

Don't let your Accounts Receivable get out of hand. Know instantly which companies are up to date, or due a phone call.

Finance Reporting

Class Registrar has fully balanced debit / credit transactions for all financial activity. Easily summarize your receipts, view your most active customers, and keep accounting happy with detailed and summary general ledgers.

All Training Programs are not created equal.
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