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Class Scheduling Software

Schedule your Training Effectively! Class Registrar includes all the tools you need to schedule your classes quickly and easily. Classes are set by date and time and can include multiple daily sessions. Each session can be scheduled in multiple locations and even have multiple instructors. Conflict checking is woven throughout to efficiently watch for resources in use.

Training Administration

The first step in any Training Administration Program has to be Scheduling Classes. In designing this process, Class Registrar has placed the emphasis on the user. Input screens are quick and efficient. The key features allow complete flexibility in creating a schedule that meets all your criteria. Call or request a free trial of Class Registrar to see how it works for you.


Simple to use and powerful!

Classes may be searched by course name, date, class id and even sponsored company name. Individual students can be quickly added to the database right from the enrollment screen. Whole classes of students can be copied to secondary classes, reassigned or cancelled for quick class management - what a time saver!

Key Features Include:

  • Instructors can be restricted by their certifications for specific course types.
  • Quick jump buttons are included from class setup through enrollment and billing screens.
  • Unlimited numbers of sessions, rooms and instructors can be linked to a class.
  • Classes can be billed to a student's company or to a third party.
  • Room rentals can be scheduled, billed and conflict checked.
  • Default pricing can be changed on a course or class-by-class basis.
All Training Programs are not created equal.
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