Customer Support

Both Worlds Software takes a different approach to Training and Support. Our Annual Maintenance Support option includes full computer to computer training of key staff in all of the features of Class Registrar. Our staff is comprised of qualified individuals that understand your needs and will provide prompt, courteous service. Cost of on-line support, including technical and training issues, is shown in our pricing schedule and varies depending upon the level of users.

Training and Help documents include F1 program help links, training tutorials and additional detailed step-by-step documents for functional walkthroughs.

Support Questions

You can also email our support department by clicking on this link.

When you submit your support incident, please be sure to provide us with your firm name, phone number and a short description of your problem, in that order, please!



If you have a high-speed internet connection our technical support staff can train you right in your own office using Citrix Go To Meeting®. Basic getting started training is included in the yearly maintenance fee. Additional consulting services can be purchased in hourly increments at the rate of $125.00 per hour.

If you prefer, on-site training by our experienced staff is available at $595.00 for a ½ day session and $895.00 for a full day session. Travel and lodging expenses are extra.

Data Conversion

Initial conversion of basic data; courses, instructors, locations, and students is included in our pricing. Our technical programmers can convert data from almost any popular program on the market today.

Please call our sales department
1-877-268-4967 for additional details and pricing.



All Training Programs are not created equal.

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