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Our own demo area of classes is yours to walk through. Select a class, save it to your calendar, pay with credit card at the checkout screen (use a fake credit card number). Your receipt will be sent via email.

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Your courses can give you a marketing edge just by offering them with online enrollments.  Our integrated, hosted website module is setup with your synchronized, live class data.  It's laid out with your website's look and feel to be a seamless extension of your own site.  Students can view your courses, download linked documents, buy a seat in an upcoming class or be directed to call you for more information. 

Each Class Listing Includes:

  • Course description
  • Class session dates and times
  • Outlook quick link for saving to calendar
  • Class location with popup, printable Google map
  • Multi-tier pricing, number of seats available
  • Optional backlinks to your own web pages and pdf downloads for students to review

Whether your students are employees or clients, they'll love the convenience!

Full Credit Card Integration

  • For Class Enrollments
    Class Registrar allows multiple levels of pricing for each course type.  Payment can be taken right at checkout using your regular Paypal Payflowpro or internet merchant account.  Approved users can even pay later with company linked Net 30 payment terms.
  • Products and More
    Looking to sell more than class enrollments? Call us for information on upcoming product sales, donation and membership functions.
All Training Programs are not created equal.
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