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Employee Training Tracking Software

Our education tracking software allows you to enroll students, record attendance, enter survey answers and print graduation certificates all from one easy screen. The tabbed view shown in our Sample Screens and Reports page coordinates all of the enrollment information for the classes and the students.

The Overview

Many companies have discovered the benefits of our combined enrollment and certificate printing screens for their corporate training tracking.  We even added a “mini” version of our quick add student popup, at the request of one of our customers, that only requires a student’s first and last name when enrolling.  Now an instructor can hand in a sign-in sheet from an offsite class and within minutes be handed back a roster with student names and attendance posted.  Certificates are a button press away for those that completed the class - and in any number of different formats. What a time saver! 

With the ability to print certificates on regular paper right from Class Registrar, it's a money saver, too! Our education training and tracking software includes comprehensive course management features right down to the class and session level.


Features Include

  • Track certifications and training progress by student, group, department, company, location, curriculum or course.
  • Email blast students, groups, departments and companies about expiring certifications or upcoming training requirements.
  • Track training costs by class, course, curriculum, group, division or company.
  • View current and archived training records.
  • Comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 training requirements
  • Create membership programs for corporate and governmental clients
  • Keep FAA repair stations rosters to track work history and specialized certifications by staff
  • Establish records of training histories for companies and students
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