Class Registrar is a full featured, robust package of training management solutions.   Review the list below for time saving benefits you can put to use today!
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Easy InstallationMicrosoft Access program, single computer, peer to peer or WAN options available. Also runs well on Terminal Services or Citrix.
Quick StartDefaults are ready to "get going", don't need to delve into additional areas until later.
Easy NavigationABCD menu pattern ensures better communication among staff.
Custom AccessEach screen has user-defined security levels to limit staff access. Overall passwords are also available for screen access and key functional areas.
Unlimited DataUnlimited lists of curricula, courses, classes and students are available.
Student ImporterUpload Student and other data into the program.
Targeted HelpF1 key brings up help for overall use which includes Getting Started, Frequently Asked Questions and in depth help for individual screens.
Letters, Labels & NotesClass Registrar lets you customize and print supporting letters and labels from the same convenient page.
Tabbed ScreensEnrollments, attendance and certificates are all done on the same tabbed screen for easy access.
Conflict CheckingThis feature can be implemented for locations, teachers and / or students. Users with appropriate security levels can override if desired.
Built in ControlsEach class has a maximum student number which cuts off enrollments - these can be changed with the appropriate security level.
Faster InputQuick Jump buttons are available between key screens.
RostersChoose from many roster layouts for sign in, student information, attendance and even picture lists.
AttendanceAttendance rosters can be printed with an unlimited number of sessions for teachers' use. Sign-In sheets are available to confirm students' attendance and can be emailed to the instructors.
CertificatesEach course can have an unlimited number of certificates to print for course completions. Individual certificates can be reprinted anytime.
Unlimited ReportsReport screens are grouped by type, laid out with generous sort and filter options.
Quick ReportsImportant reporting is available immediately from the data entry screens - Student Profiles, Rosters, Payment Receipts and more.
Custom ReportsA powerful custom report writer is also included!
Sales Orders & InvoicesAll invoices begin as sales orders which can be printed and mailed to customers to request payment. Membership renewals can be turned into invoices when received and marked paid.
Financial ReportingFull general ledger details, reprints of invoices and payments, Accounts Receivable Aging and batch reporting help to manage customers and finances.
Auditable TransactionsAll financial data is debit/credit balanced and linked to the staff and location where and when it was entered.



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