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Class Registrar Tutorials

Company / Department Setup
Each student is linked to a parent company or department. This parent entity is used for report grouping and billing functions. Companies can also be tracked as "prospects" for marketing followup even before they are converted into clients!

Addresses Setup
All companies and students can have unlimited linked addresses - for class billing, shipping, separate membership billing, parent / guardian information, etc.

Contacts and Phones Setup
Multiple contacts are linkable to each company and every student has at least one self contact. Each contact can have unlimited phone numbers and can track an email address for class reminders, sending invoices, marketing and more.

Student Setup
Unlimited students can be added to the program with linked classes, certifications and other completion items. Class Registrar tracks the students' demographic information, itineraries, expiration dates and much more!

Class Registrar Tutorials

Course Setup
Add the various courses that will be offered to the students. Select from lists of rosters and certificates to print, track certified instructors and even multiple price levels if desired.

Class Setup
Schedule all your inhouse and offsite classes by location, instructor, date and time, with full conflict checking. Setup each of the class's daily session times and link the day's courses to a lobby monitor for your visitors!

Enrollments and Attendance Posting
Enroll students into classes, set the related class fees and post attendance all within easy to use screens. Learn how to Quick Add a student and print from many saved certificate layouts for all your courses.

Class Registrar Tutorials

Email Blaster
Broadcast an email to students in upcoming classes or by expiration date. Send promotions, invoice copies, statements and student reports to company contacts. Each email blast can be sent to individuals or groups, in plain text or html, with attachments!

Certificate Designer
Build your own completion certificates with our special designer. You can start with a template to cut down on design time, and add company logos and student pictures for a personal touch. Link any number of saved certificates to each course type for later class completion printing. Membership certificates and staff ID cards can also be printed.

Staff Setup
Add staff with multi-tiered rights levels and define their access to each menu option. Track instructors' courses for conflict checking. Retrieve instructor certifications, expirations and hourly pay rate reports at the touch of a button!


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